Usage of DBS for Manufacturers

A BM-implementation based on DBS fulfills following requirements:

  • Can be integrated into the enterprise network (Single-SignOn & Master data)
  • Standard software product – newest releases and functionality at low costs
  • Free choice of setup (hosting & service internal or external)  
  • Fulfills highest security standards (encryption, perimeter network/DMZ, etc.)
  • Extreme flexibility of content and business logic
  • Strict separation between IT and Business department that eases the implementation in enterprise environments
  • Worldwide usability (Multi-lingual, Multi-instance, Multi-brand, Mulit-Outlet, …)


Contract Options:

  • Buying model (Software only)
  • Renting model without BM services (Software + Hosting + Support )
  • Software as a service model – all inclusive

Use the wide spread of choices to find the optimal setup for your requirements.


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